On-Site Office Staff

Colonial Square's Office is located at 3012 Williamsburg Rd. and is available in-person from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday through Friday.

On-Site Maintenance

Colonial Square offers a wide variety of services. Some of the maintenance services are covered by your monthly carrying charges. Additional services are available for a fee.

In general, the cooperative is responsible for the exterior of the building. Unlike condominiums, Colonial Square maintains some of the interior of the building including the furnace and water heater.

On-Site Grounds

Colonial Square has a year-round grounds crew for lawn care, leaf cleanup and snow removal.

Dedicated Parking Spaces

Each household is assigned one dedicated parking spot. Additional "visitor" parking spaces are available for members, residents and guests.

Community Center

The on-site Community Center is a valuable resource for the Colonial Square community. The space is used for community meetings and events. It is equipped with a small kitchen, two bathrooms and a dance floor. Table and chairs are available. It can be reserved by Colonial Square members for a fee. The south community playground is located behind the Community Center.

Playground Equipment

Two large playgrounds are located on-site. One playground is on Williamsburg and the other on Wolverine. Additional smaller playgrounds are scattered throughout Colonial Square.


Colonial Square has thirty 10′ x 4′ garden beds available for rent each spring. The garden is located behind the Community Center and is enclosed in a fenced-in yard.

Bus Route

The AAATA bus stops are located on Platt Road between Williamsburg and Wolverine. The #5 Ann Arbor inbound stop is across the street from the flashing pedestrian walkway. The #5 Ypsilanti outbound is the covered stop .

The Ride Route #5 to Ann Arbor

The Ride Route #5 to Ypsilanti