About Us

Colonial Square Cooperative is dedicated to maintaining the spirit of the cooperative effort, providing the best possible homes at an affordable cost, and welcoming and appreciating the diversity of the people in our community.

Housing Cooperative

Colonial Square is a housing cooperative. Joining a housing cooperative is different from renting an apartment or owning a condominium. Cooperatives are unique because their members own them collectively. Members are not tenants; they are joint owners of their cooperative and are their own landlords.

Each shareholder member owns a share in the corporation which entitles you to occupy a townhouse.

Colonial Square functions under the same principles that guide all other types of cooperatives; representative democratic control, with each membership entitled to one vote in electing a board of directors who administer the cooperatives’ operation and direct the management team. Our residents are called members, they are not tenants.

Every month the members pay an amount that covers their proportionate share of the expenses of operating the entire Cooperative. This includes but is not limited to the property taxes, water and sewer expenses, administrative costs, specified maintenance costs and contributions to reserve funds.

Colonial Square Cooperative

Colonial Square Cooperative was built in 1964 on 40 acres of land on the southeast side of Ann Arbor along Platt Rd. It consists of 427 townhouses located along Wolverine Drive and Williamsburg Road. The Mary D. Mitchell Elementary School and Scarlett Junior High School are adjacent to Colonial Square. So, resident children do not have to cross major roads to get to school. A large wooded natural area preserve adjoins to the south with 5 miles of trails. So, residents can walk through the forest, listen to birds and easily reconnect with nature. One can experience the rich cultural amenities of Ann Arbor, University of Michigan and downtown Detroit (an hour away).


The Cooperative is composed of 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom townhouses. There are 7 different floorplans.

1 Bedroom Floorplan
2 Bedroom Floorplan
3 Bedroom Floorplan
4 Bedroom Floorplan